The Dead Heroes Motorcycle Club

The Dead Heroes? They haven’t been around these parts in years. You want to know what happened to them? What really happened? Well you ever hear about that drug red eye?

No? Yeah I didn’t think so. This shit is some really crème de la crème shit of drugs? They say it makes E look like bud light. Anyways the Heroes found some way to mass produce that stuff. That’s what got them killed. That shit is made from vampire blood.

You see one of the heroes had one trapped down below in their basement and drained that sucker for days. Then that guys friends came. Don’t ask me how they found him. They are fucking vampire you know? They probably can see through walls or mind control people or some crazy ass shit to get info.

Anyways those vamps turned that club into a slaughterhouse. One person had a pool cue shoved from his top to his bottom. People hanging from hooks, walls painted red and some other pretty fucked up shit I don’t wanna mention. They say it was just a real grade A shit show. Nothing like you see out of those movies. The detectives and coroners had scrap chunks of people off the wall into a bad and hopefully sort out the pieces of people later.

Turns out only three of the bikers lived out of luck. They were out on a delivery into Vegas and spent a little too much time on the beer and hookers there.
What? I’m crazy? Fuck you. You don’t want to see half the shit I’ve seen. Vampires exist! I’m not crazy…I’m not crazy…I’m not crazy.

The Dead Heroes Motorcycle Club

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