Tactical Combat

Speed and Range

Each square is (roughly) two yards, so you can go a number of squares equal to half your speed (round up).

Consequently, ranges on weapons are also halved (ie, a shotgun’s close range is 10 squares).

Free Strikes

If a creature leaves a square adjacent to you, once per turn you may attempt a free strike. Make a dexterity+wits roll. If your successes equal or exceed the target’s defense, you may make one normal attack against it.

To avoid taking a free strike, you may forfeit your movement to disengage. You move one square with no risk of reprisal.

Weapons that aren’t some flavor of automatic can only be fired once per round.


Facing DOES matter. If you are attacked from behind, unless you succeed at a wits roll, your defense does not apply. Additionally, you may not make a free strike at a target that’s behind you. You may not face diagonally (yes, I’m aware how little sense that makes).

Tactical Combat

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