Mortal Heads Motorcycle Club

The Mortal Heads key figures and information

The Mortal heads are active Washington, Nevada, Oregon, California, Idaho and the British Columbia region of Canada. Veterans of the Vietnam War founded them after returning to the US. Their central location is in Seattle. They are renowned worldwide for their “Mortal cycles” and that is their front for most of their income. However, in reality they make most of their money from gun running, prostitution and dealing drugs.

Michael “Papps” Adams – President. He is a short-tempered older man that looks very grizzled.

Peter “Skinny Pete” O’Donell – Demolition Expert. A skinny taller looking Irishman. He drinks pretty heavily and is known for being unreliable because he is always hung over.

Petr Kovalev – Think “The Heavy”. The Heavy. ‘nuff said.

Shiro Akinro – recon/stealth. Quiet and reserved. He favors using two short blades.

Bruce Adams – VP – He is a daddies boy trying to impress his dad or always going along with what his dad has picked. He is the next in line for president.

Ken Brown – Secretary. Overweight, level-headed, Papps go-to guy for advice.

Bryan Bishop – Sergeant at arms. He loves the ladies, drugs and violence. He hardly has any morals and will do all the dirty jobs.

Phil Vanslet – Head Mechanic (Only works for the motor cycle division) Manages the legit part of the business. He is a smart businessman and probably the only one with a college degree.

The Mortal Heads are currently in custody, following a stunt they pulled involving the Aurora Corporation.

Mortal Heads Motorcycle Club

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