A Hard Rain

The Farm
"I'll pay you in venison!"

“No, nothing happened. Why? Who are you? How did you get this number?”

-Crawford McCormick in an interview with [DATA EXPUNGED].

Flesh Freaks and Foreshadowing
"You ever try to catch the ferry from the 54, detective?"

“There’s something going on with them, if you ask me. Something illegal. Something dangerous. Why? Well, let me tell you about it. Off the record, of course.

When I met Solano and his little troupe of lowlifes, the building they were living in had just had some… problems. I never figured how it happened, but the place looked like a war zone. They were scratched up all to hell, there were nine casualties and most of the tenants were packing their bags. The corpses… Well, let’s just say the ones who got shot were the lucky ones. Never seen such a fu- er, messed up display, and I’ve been on the force for going on ten years.

As for the perp, or possibly perps? Never caught. No one was even arrested. But I did have some suspicions… Which were only strengthened when I caught two of their little posse in the midst of another crime scene.

Traffic accident, or so it seemed at first. A bus went out of control and crashed off the West Seattle Bridge, I’m sure you heard about that little incident. What you probably didn’t hear about… Well, I’m pretty sure you don’t have clearance for that.

Oh. That high? Well then, you probably DID hear about the pile of completely mutilated corpses. And the bus full of witnesses that swore that they had stripped the driver completely to the bone in seconds. No, not Solano and his boys, the pile of corpses. Meth’s a helluva drug.

Far more relevant to the topic were the witnesses who say some shady looking individuals that climbed down the bus, and climbed back up with some… extremely customized hardware. The kind of hardware you don’t generally take for a leisurely bus ride…"

-Detective Jerry Sutton, in an interview with Agent [DATA EXPUNGED].

A Night At Hill Manor
"I don't know but I've been told, we're caught in a space-time fold..."

“The Hill Manor Hunters? Yeah, I know ‘em. Buy me a drink and maybe I’ll tell you a few things.

I’ve still never met a more unlikely group. An army vet, a biker, a hipster, a cable guy… I think that other guy worked for the government? Oh, and Ipip. Still not sure what her deal is.

From what I’ve gathered, they started their vigil in the summer of 2011. They were all tenants in the same building. Didn’t know each other that well, ’cept for playing together in the biweekly community poker games. Between us, I think they were more interested in mooching booze off their neighbors than actual community bonding.

Anyway, some sorta space… time… thing happened, I’m fuzzy on the details. Long story short, it was an angry ghost, possessin’ and trappin’ people. Lucky for them, the local wizard lived in the penthouse. Unlucky for them, he was dead. Lucky for them, he was sticking around. And he was a generous old bastard.

Left ‘em the building in exchange for takin’ care of the ghost. To hear Texx… He’s the biker dude. Real bad attitude. Anyway, to hear him tell it, he did it solo and pissed on his ashes. Whenever Ipip talks about it she tears up and glares at Crawford. Oh, they’re the chick in the cloak and the dork in the chainmail tie, respectively.

Oh, I left out the best part. The reason Ipip gets teary? Crawford shot her cat. Apparently it was possessed or something? Heh heh heh. Crawford gets half a PBR in ‘im, and he won’t stop making dead cat jokes. TO THIS DAY.

But yeah. Enough about them. Wanna hear about the time [DATA EXPUNGED] torched a bloodsucker with a tanning bed?"

-Lucky Williams, in an interview with [DATA EXPUNGED].


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