Maya Attenborough

A hunter affiliated with the Ashwood Abbey



Social (prime)

Presence: ●●
Manipulation: ●●●●
Composure: ●●

Physical (Second)

Strength: ●●
Dexterity: ●●●●
Stamina: ●

Mental (tert)

Wits: ●●
Intelligence: ●●
Resolve: ●●


Physical (prime)

Athletics: ●●
Brawl: ●
Drive: ●● (Pilot)
Firearms: ●●
Stealth: ●●
Larceny: ●●
Weaponry: ●●●● (Swords)

Social (Second)

Socialize: ●● (Recruitment)
Persuasion: ●●
Expression: ●● (Dancing)
Empathy: ●

Mental (Tert)

Occult: ●●
Politics: ●●


Weapon Finesse (Falcata) ●●
Fighting Style (Two-Weapons) ●●
Status (Ashwood Abbey) ●●●
Fleet of Foot: ●●●
Fast Reflexes: ●●
Disarm: ●●


Falcatas x2: 3L, Size: 2/L, Durability: 3, Dice Pool: 12 (10 when defending)
Thunder-5 Revolver: 2L, 15/30/60, Cap: 5, Size: 1/J, Dice Pool: 7 (9 Again)
Yamaha FZ8. Durability: 1, Size: 6, Structure: 7, Acceleration: 44 (60 Mph/Turn), Safe Speed: 117 (80 mph), Max Speed: 279 (190 Mph) Handling: 5, Occupants 1+1, Cost: *


Def: 3 (5 when defending w/ swords)
Health: 6
Initiative: 6
Speed: 14
Willpower: 4
Morality: 5

Virtue: Justice
Vice: Lust


A veteran hunter, Maya Attenborough has been working with the Ashwood Abbey since she was fifteen. An animal in the field as well as on the floor, she drowns out the remorse of friends lost and deeds done with the pumping bass of the club.

Introduced to the vigil by her mother, Maya’s been training in the art of combat since she was old enough to stand. Excelling in the way of the sword, she wields two distinctive curved blades with remarkable skill.

In her teenage years, though, she began to rebel against her mother’s strict training and discipline, and eventually ran away to find her father Marcus, a high ranking member of the Ashwood Abbey. He introduced her to the hunting aspects of the Abbey while at the same time trying to keep her from the more decadent aspects of the life, but in Ashwood Abbey a party and a hunt are one and the same. Maya quickly discovered the party-going nature much of the Abbey believes in… and couldn’t have been happier.

Within the clubs and hunting cliques of the Abbey, Maya felt more at home than she ever had. She rose quickly through the ranks, and eventually she was sent to Seattle to overlook the construction (and eventual reconstruction) of Level 7, a recruiting ground in the guise of an underground club.

And then Level 7 was decimated by a werewolf attack, and Crawford McCormick caught her eye… The rest is yet to be known.

Theme Song: Atom Bomb-Fluke

Maya Attenborough

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