Logan "Texx" Scott

Completely bald man with jade colored eyes. Always wearing a black leather jacket and blue jeans.



Social (Tertiary)
Presence: ●
Manipulation: ●●●
Composure: ●●

Mental (Secondary)
Intelligence: ●●
Wits: ●●●
Resolve: ●●

Physical (Primary)
Strength: ●●
Dexterity: ●●●
Stamina: ●●●


Social (Secondary)
Intimidation: ●●
Streetwise: ●●
Subterfuge: ●●● (Lying)

Physical (Primary)
Athletics: ●
Brawl: ●
Drive: ●● (Motorcycle)
Firearms: ●●● (Spec: Pistols)
Larceny: ●●
Weaponry: ●

Mental (Tertiary)
Computer: ●
Crafts: ●●● (Asset Spec: Mechanical)


Ambidextrous: ●●●
Gunsligher: ●●●
Professional Training (Mechanic): ●


Criminal Past/Notoriety


Defense: 3
Armor: 1/0
Health: [][][][][][][][]
Initiative Mod: 5
Morality: 7
Size: 5
Speed: 10
Willpower: 4


Beretta 92 (x2): Dice Mod 2, Range 20/40/80, Clip 15+1, Size S, Dice Pool 9
Bowie Knife: Dice Mod 2, Size S, Dice Pool 5
Leather Jacket (Armor Value: 1/0)
Motorcycle: Durability 2, Size 7 Structure 9, Acceleration 22, Safe Speed 132, Max Speed 176, Handling 4


Virtue: Justice
Vice: Greed

Logan always had trouble in school – getting in fights, drinking, smoking etc. Whatever made him look tougher and older. Between his mother, Sue, and his father, Steven, working all the time Logan was alone growing up. His only solace was riding his bike.
He had his own little pimple-faced bike gang. Ten speed bike gang that is. Logan ran the show after school. He led the little gang of misfits…all five of them. Logan loved it. He had been in charge, no teachers, no parents, no bus drivers, no one but him. This Hells wheels they called themselves and they sure raised hell in their town of Casa Grande, Arizona. Well, Hell’s wheels did raise hell as long as they were home for dinner.
Toward the end of high school, all of the wheels started to break off and go their separate ways. Some went to college, others off into the military. They had matured out of being tough bikers. Logan however did not. In a desperate attempt at making him finish high school his parents promised him a Harley if he managed to get his diploma. Logan pulled through by stealing some exams and cheating off his peers and eventually got his Harley.
A few months after graduating high school Logan’s family attempted shipped him off to the army. They had a long history of serving the country and they wanted to teach their rebellious teenage boy that Nirvana was some new age “hippy” bullshit not a band. In their minds he needed to get back on the right path and actually do something with himself. He couldn’t just ride around on his Harley stealing things and selling them to a pawn shop. An intervention had to happen. However, Logan never made it to the boot camp. Once he caught wind of his parents plan, he decided to run away.

The day Logan ran away he took from his own parents for money. He grabbed whatever he could find around the house and then pawned it at a local store. He then started to drive north toward California. A little ways into California after stopping for gas and snacks Logan met Samuel Phelps. After coming out of the convince store a group of frat boys were taking turns riding on his bike and getting their pictures taken on it. You see there was a group of Dead Heroes inside the convince store as well and these frat boys thought it would be badass to upload their pictures to Facebook ontop of a bike of the Dead Heroes.
Once Logan saw them on his bike he bolted out of the store and tackled the guy off his bike and started to punch him in his face. After seeing their friend take a beating, the other four people picked Logan up off him, slammed him into the ground, and proceeded to beat the crap out of him. After picking himself back up Logan noticed all the bikers, staring at him and then Sam told him to follow them back to their club house and they would patch him back up.
After being healed up, they offered him a job as a laborer around the club. They liked his pride in his bike from him attempting to kick those people off it. From the club he learned to be a mechanic too. He slowly over time started to be involved in more of the shady dealings of the club. He usually was used as a driver for their van or truck on various missions. Over time he eventually passed being a prospect and joined the motorcycle club.
After the events that took place Logan and the other two surviving bikers (Jim Johnson and Randal Fergy) ran out of town in fear of someone recognizing them and finishing killing all the dead heroes.

Logan "Texx" Scott

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