Crawford McCormick

Hipster Blogger Turned Private Eye


Weapons & Items:
Mateba Auto Revolver-lost
Video recorder
Bad ideas
LeMat Revolver (with flare)


Short Bio: While researching for a blog, Crawford stumbled upon a Crime Scene that was just… unnatural. This prompted further digging and a hunt to discover the truth began. Currently, Crawford is out to learn more and catalogue his stories of strange happenings in the rainy city. He recently acquired a PI licence and he runs the Blog P.S. (Paranormal Sleuth) detailing the events of his group’s encounters with the Paranormal.

Goals: Continue being awesome. Just recently he took down two werewolves practically by himself. Once, he shot a possessed cat from his own face in a moment of fearless William Tell-like bravery.

Hated Enemies/Pet Peeves: There is a Biker out there who I want to get even with (no not the one I work with. Though he is one crazy piece of work and blames me for one of his friends deaths.) Way too much preparation has gone into getting even with this guy. But I’m sure I’ll come out Ahead.
Note: He got the message. We’re even.

McCormick really dislikes Midwestern accents. He also has an ongoing love/hate/mostly hate relationship with Ipip. She got his face covered in cat and he won’t forget it. He also hates half(edit: most to all) the crap his team starts fighting simply because it’s there.

New vendetta: Agent White. She took his gun, his pride, and his moral compass. She will pay.

Love Interest: Currently getting to know a crazy clubber named Mia.

GM’s Note: Dude, learn to spell. “warewolfs”? for shame.

Crawford McCormick

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