A Hard Rain


In which a computer is raided.

Found on Anton Steinbock’s Laptop…

To: asteinbock@auroracorp.com
From: esmythe@auroracorp.com
Date: 8/21/11
Subject: Project Eulachon development URGENT

Mr. Steinbock: We’ve recently been contacted by Echo Research Station, on Attu Island in Alaska. Generally they are concerned with weather pattern observation, but they say they’ve discovered something that could be an important lead on Project Eulachon. Operations Code Delta: for your eyes only. They assure me that this could lead to Object 43457.

-Emily Smythe

To: esmythe@auroracorp.com
From: asteinbock@auroracorp.com
Date: 8/21/11
Subject: RE: Project Eulachon development URGENT

Smythe: Excellent news. If they’re invoking Ops Code Delta, they must have something strong. Book me a red-eye for tomorrow evening. If all goes well with White’s Gamma Extraction, we should have the staff and the jewel by then.


P.S. Make sure it’s first class this time! You put me in business class the last time I flew, and it felt like I was in steerage on the Mayflower. Don’t make the same mistake twice!

To: asteinbock@auroracorp.com
From: white@auroracorp.com
Date: 8/22/11
Subject: Gamma Extraction Complete

Steinbock: the job is done. got three of them, their in sb3. tracker chips in place. -White



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