A Hard Rain

The Harvesters

"Did I mention that I FUCKING HATE THE WOODS?!"

Status Report: Project Eulachon

“Project subjects left Seattle at approximately 1300 hours on [DATA EXPUNGED]. Destination: Blackbird Falls, WA. Purpose of visit appeared to be to purchase Object 142-451.

Subjects met with Christine Reese, local fence, in a donut shop (Bobby’s Big Ones). Subjects haggled over price before agreeing to a location for the exchange (local Motel 6).

Situation was altered by the kidnapping of Reese by a group of organ harvesters led by David D’Angelo (Subject 941-752, now deceased). We have sketchy reports of members of Group 4311-3475 being present as well, though these have yet to be confirmed.

Subjects rectified situation with prejudice and returned to Seattle. We can only assume that Object 142-451 is in their possession now.

Recommend Protocol Gamma."

-Recent status report from Agent [DATA EXPUNGED].



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