A Hard Rain

Season 2

Aaaaand we're back.

Lucky pulled his coat a little tighter around him and stared into the stranger’s face. Or at least, where his face should be. He shivered, and reminded himself why he had instituted his policy of not meeting people in dark alleys. On the other hand, he wasn’t entirely sure he was talking to “people.”

“I got your message. What’s this about?”

The shadows shifted. Was it Lucky’s imagination, or was the shift somewhat… uncomfortable?

“My… associates and I. We’re looking for someone. We heard you might be able to help.”

Lucky stood up a little straighter. On the one hand, having this kind of attention would probably be good for business. On the other, it might be highly deleterious to his health.

“That is my job. Sort of. I mean, I’m not licensed or anything. If you’re looking for a licensed snoop, I used to know some guys, but they skipped town…”

“Your qualifications are beyond question, Mr. Williams.”

“Lucky me.”

An envelope slid out of the shadows and stopped at Lucky’s feet. He stooped to pick it up, his eyes never ceasing their frantic search of the oddly thick thatch of shadows that his prospective client occupied. He couldn’t even make out the outline of a person in that mess.

“Open it. It contains basic information on the persons we wish found, as well as a down payment for your time.”

The envelope was oddly heavy and misshapen in Lucky’s hand. He opened it, and an assortment of diamonds fell into his palm. When he looked back into the shadows, his client had gone. He wasn’t sure how he knew, he just felt a distinct lack of presence. He sighed. Well, shit. Now he didn’t even know who to hand his resignation to, not that it’d even be accepted. He decided to take a look at the information. His hand froze.

Uh oh.

(And now, we begin “Season 2.” Couple changes, the most significant of which is the change of system. As much as I liked WoD, it still had some clunkiness, and I’ve decided to go with a more narrative system, allowing for more player input. Thus, the FATE system, as exemplified by the Dresden Files RPG. There’ll be a few modifications, but for the most part we’ll be using that as it is.

Secondly, a change of scenery. The Hill Manor Hunters have scattered for various reasons since the incident with the Wax King, and the ones who return will do so in a new city. Which city? Well, that’s for all of us to decide.

Characters can also change. If you wanna make a new character, unless you specifically request against it, your old character will become a recurring guest NPC, for good or for ill. But all those decisions, including where the new campaign will be set, will be made during our first session, coming soon to an apartment near you.)



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